Monday, November 17, 2008

How Obama Got Elected

Is This True?
The majority voted, and Barak Obama is now the President Elect of the United States. The world is happy that American's have 'gotten it right'. And yet, the video above shows that there are always plenty of people that are uninformed in their decision making process. Is that the reputation that we want the world to have of the United States? Look at the video below and realize that the view that the world has of the United States is not very good anyway!

Did The United States Get It Right?
My opinion is that, Yes, we did get it right. The time for a President that is intelligent and capable is at hand. How could an unintelligent person completely take over the nation in terms of political manuevering. That is exactly what we need in today's global mess! We need someone that is going to make things happen and make them happen quickly.

I do not agree with all of his beliefs, his views, or his plans - and yet, I feel better moving forward with President Elect Barak Obama.

How Obama Got Elected
He got elected by being better than
the rest. Better at marketing. Better at raising funds. Better at using the tools of today. Barak Obama has 132,637 followers on Twitter. Really? A president used a Web 2.0 platform to promote his message to people around the world? If the people following him, on average have just 100 followers - and they repost any message he sends, that means - within seconds - using a free medium, he can get a message out to 13,263,700 people. No wonder he can raise funds like no one else in history.

What He Did Right For Obama to get elected, he had to do a ton of things right - and in my opinion - one of the things he did that was fantastic - was he continually marketed his website that provided his plans and his details. It controls the view of those that are watching. You can go online and search for dirt on Obama. That isn't hard to do - McCain did it just fine. But, Obama counteracted that by having his site plastered on every ad and in everything he did. It means that people go to the source and that is an incredible power for his team. His website has an Alexa score of #598 - that puts it as one of the top 1000 sites online (skewed results a bit, as Alexa only tracks people with Alexa installed...). He has ~25,300 backlinks to his site (according to He has an estimated 1.7 Million links from Yahoo!'s count.

Like It or Not
He did it - and I believe the world is better off for it. Time will tell.

BTW - there has been an economic boost by his win - gun and ammunition sales are sky high!